My story

I had the choice between male or female instructors and lessons where arranged to fit my timetable. I started learning to drive when I was 17 having a lesson on my birthday. On my first lesson I was surprised to find how relaxing and calming the instructor was. We first briefly went through all the different aspects of the car including the different controls and functions.

After grasping the understanding of the car I was then able to start driving straight away. As I drove the instructor explained how I should handle different situations guiding me through different obstacles including traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and roundabouts. The instructor even challenged me with busy roads and large multiple-lane roundabout on my first lesson.

Surprisingly my first lesson was not as terrifying as I first though it would be instead it was very enjoyable and therefore encouraged me to book my next lesson. After having a few lessons my instructor then encouraged me to take my theory test and in passing this when both me and my instructor felt confident I then booked my practical test. With continuous practice in my driving and manoeuvres as well as my instructor giving me mock tests I was able to go into my test feeling prepared and confident I was a safe driver which enabled me to pass first time!