I am writing to share my experience in learning to drive with Nick Cornish and to recommend him as a top driving instructor.  At the age of thirty four, I did not think I would be a good driver but he proved me wrong.

Initially I started lessons with a different instructor but I found the level of tuition unsatisfactory.  After 40 lessons I was not in control of the car and even worse, I did not like driving as had lost confidence.

During our first lesson, Nick observed my driving and identified my problem areas.  We continued with the lessons and after every session I felt improvement.  During the lessons Nick was entirely focused on my driving unlike my first instructor who was constantly chatting.  He managed to restore my confidence and I started to enjoy driving.  No more was I afraid of the numerous roundabouts in Newbury or to overtake a lorry on the dual carriageway.

The week before the test Nick organised two mock tests with his colleague instructors.  Even though I failed both of them, I experienced sitting in the car under exam conditions and realised the areas I needed to improve before the test.

On the day of the test Nick made me feel relaxed and confident during my pre-test lesson and I passed with three driving faults.

The day after my test  I drove all the way to Woking via the M4 and I have been driving regularly ever since.